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We help technology companies scale rapidly by using strategic growth systems.

We provide sales and marketing consulting and services to companies all the way from startup/Pre-Seed to Series C. We align the front-end of the business, build the pipeline, expand existing accounts, and create the foundations for scale.

All while protecting early-stage capital and equity.

Our goal is to grow your business

Bet on better.

Lack of alignment between sales and marketing is costing businesses more than $1T dollars per year – which is the number one reason why companies fail.

This is a challenge that frequently undermines progress. And companies may not have the cashflow to hire internal resources. The talent pool is limited. New hires may not have the broad range of experience necessary to become a revenue-generating internal resource on a short timeframe.

ElleSpark provides the guiding knowledge and experience to set the business up for success, starting from Day 1. Get a marketing & sales team in place for a fraction of the cost of FTE’s, shore up the front-end of your company, and do it all with resources that bring the know-how and track record to scaling B2B SaaS companies.  

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Sales & Marketing Competencies

About us

We are ElleSpark.

We’ve created a seamless integration between

  • strategy
  • marketing
  • marketing operations
  • sales
  • sales operations
  • revenue

So that we can offer companies the protection of ROI-driven cashflow to create sustainable growth.

Whether it’s a tactical issue or a strategic issue, we create the plan with the actionable milestones to get you to that goal. That’s why ElleSpark exists.


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Build your pipeline today

Our services

How we scale SaaS companies

We apply our proprietary SPARK Principle™ framework to address existing gaps and execute on current and future success.

Fractional CMO / Marketing VP

The essential resource that establishes your go-to-market blueprint: product positioning, product-market-fit, market surveys, messaging, terminology, marketing strategy, brand-building, demand and lead gen, technology, measurement, and more.

Sales & Marketing Services

Project-based services to address areas of concern, including go-to-market strategy, CRM configuration and cleanup, marketing campaign building, sales playbooks, marketing collateral creation, hiring roadmap, and ongoing sales coaching.

Outsourced CSO / Sales VP

The leader of the sales team who builds the pipeline and revenue strategies, creates a sales process and operations, ensures the CRM tracks and stages align, coaches and mentors the sales reps, and reports on revenue projections for stakeholders.

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Why choose us

 In the early stages, how a company invests their resources determines their future path. When a company is still chasing reliable MRR and is unable to hire FTEs – or has already invested in resources that just aren’t moving the needle, it’s time to bring in help.

SaaS Expertise

Our team comes with proven backgrounds in B2B SaaS companies, in roles that create end-to-end revenue. No need to compromise with a single specialist or limited expertise when you work with us. We bring our entire team to the table to support your company, and work fast.

Accelerate Growth

Keep your eyes on the prize as we work to create a scalable revenue engine that compounds over time. Access templates, playbooks, dashboards, and resources to keep your organization on track to smash its goals, quarter over quarter.

Save Money

Protect capital during critical stages and save the hiring search. Our services are up to 75% less than compensation for an in-house resource and without the added cost of overhead. Our projects are time-limited and clearly-defined, so you keep your cash working for you.


Fully align and position revenue-generating resources from the beginning. Provide the traction investors need to see, create brand trust with customers, and lay the foundation from Day 1 for a business to operate at future scale.

Ready to bridge the gaps in your sales & marketing?

ElleSpark delivers.