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Women-owned, Female-powered

Part of our mission is to increase the number of women working in the technology industry. We are a proud member of PDXWIT and affiliate partner of CEOX, and volunteer as mentors for up-and-coming youth navigating careers in tech.

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Affiliate Partners & Resources

Growth Solutions for SaaS Companies

We work with a number of technologies that we use in our own business and recommend to others. Here are some of our favorites that help growing SaaS organizations.

We earn a small affiliate commission on any purchases made by clicking through the links below. If one of our recommendations introduced you to a technology you were not aware of before that could potentially improve your business, it’s like a small tip to us for sharing the information.

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SEO (Backlink Building, Directory Submission)

We recommend this to all our clients for SEO purposes, specifically localized web traffic and backlinks (yes, even for software companies!). Besides other services, they are the go-to for backlink building and will submit your website to directories and obtain blogger features of your software for a small monthly fee. If you only have a small budget for SEO, you can easily optimize on-page factors in-house employing basic techniques, and leverage backlink-building services for off-page ranking factors utilizing FAT JOE.

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AI-Driven Copywriting Generator

Rytr provides templates and AI-driven copy that is lightning fast and truly seems to be magic! We use it for marketing content creation for both our business and for our clients, as well as recommend it to all our clients wanting to write content in-house. It has a less clunky, more intuitive interface and is more affordable than other AI-driven copywriting generators. Highly recommended for generating copy for blog posts and online content (social media posts, landing pages, website copy, articles), very quickly with minimal editing needed. It allows you to 3-4x your content writing speed, and each piece is unique and not just a content scrape from other people’s content out there.

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Virtual Assistants, Specialists, and Marketers

iWorker creates dignified, well-paying jobs for professionals in economically impoverished countries. Starting at just $5.95/hr, their team of Virtual Assistants are bilingual, college-educated professionals with a range of skills. From social media content creation to graphic design, marketing automation expertise, administration, and lead gen, the company offers a number of talented workers and accepts only the most skilled bilingual remote professionals—just 3.8% of those who apply. With a 70% female team, their mission aligns with ours and we continuously hire our personnel from iWorker.

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